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Nikola Pantic, tretton37

My interest for computers was present long before I could speak (or barely even stand on my own two legs). Having access to an Amiga, Game & Watch and other tech stuff influenced me and my childhood. When I was learning to draw, I did that on a computer instead of on a sheet of paper. Since then, tech stuff is as much a part of my life as dihydrogen monoxide.

My passion for code is about being creative with it - creating interactive experiences for all senses, regardless of devices or platforms. I believe that it's important to grab the attention and interest of a user at first sight, and I believe web applications are a perfect way to do this - partly due to their availability.

My weapon of choice is JavaScript, and I like that you can bash your head on the keyboard and the code will still run (albeit perhaps not as good).

In my spare time when I'm not coding, I enjoy playing games, photography, music (DnB), craft beer and mechanical keyboards. Occasionally I try to have some non-techy interests but I find that really hard. I then end up grabbing my inlines and going for a skate along the beach.

Nikola lives & breathes high quality software & products. Do you?

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