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Matej Ugrin, tretton37

There’s a saying about curiosity that states it is like a wick in candle of learning. It is hard to tell where it comes from or how it is triggered. The one thing that I know for sure from my young age is that it does not hurt if you couple it with a little bit of precaution. If I had considered it, most probably my first pc would run a little bit longer than just few weeks :)

During my study years and my first student job I had the chance to get to know better about the concepts of distributed systems, architectures and storage designs. They caught my attention and led my way to data analytics which I have been on ever since and where I am mainly trying to help companies find untapped potential of their data.

Outside of work, you will most probably notice me on two wheels, bending a snowboard into a perfect curve, playing futsal or spending time with my friends and loved ones.

Matej lives & breathes high quality software & products. Do you?

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