Daniel Rosendal

All my life I have enjoyed well designed products, both virtual and physical. To me that means that the product is aesthetically pleasing and also highly usable. On the other hand, bad design can frustrate me to no end. The book “The design of Everyday things” by Don Norman opened my eyes to just how much bad design we have to put up with in our modern society, everything from simple products like doors that don’t give any hints if they should be pushed or pulled to software that crashes and tells you that you experienced error 4787 and no other information about what just happened or what should be done about it. This made me want to create nice things to help people out in their everyday lives, and as I spend most of my time in front of a screen in some shape or form, I chose software development as my path to doing so.

When developing software my primary focus has always been end user experience. Nothing makes me happier than interacting with a user group or customer to create the most aesthetic and effective tools possible. However, I have realized that building software is a tricky business, to achieve external quality there needs to be internal quality. This has made me broaden my interest from the UI to all application layers.

In my spare time I enjoy looking at expensive things I can’t afford, mostly furniture or electronics. I also play squash and pretend that I’m a runner. Gaming and movies are two other interests, and - of course - hanging out with friends, often in the company of nice beer or coffee.