Petter Ljunggren

I’m a guy who loves to really submerge into subjects that pop up on my interest radar. My urge to analyse, understand and discuss made the profession of business controller, as you can surely understand, an obvious choice. The Devil (a.k.a. the Business Controller) is in the details and making sense of these is something quite rewarding. When sense grows into common understanding things get really interesting. If the creativity of building and developing support systems to cultivate an understanding for the business is thrown into the mix, I am a very satisfied Devil.

If the wind is howling I spend my leisure time at Lomma beach where my family and I exercise our right to blast, jump and slash the waves with our windsurfing or SUP boards. If the wind is more moderate I love trying to mimick the great guitar heroes of the 60’s and 70’s. When my family gets tired (quite often) of listening to me trying to play my heart out, I resort to playing soccer with my oldest son or wrestling my youngest. If the temperature drops sub-zero I fall down the slopes with skis strapped to my feet.​​