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Per Nåtby, tretton37

I dream a lot, both during the night and during the day. About different things that I think would make the world a little better. As a kid I used to write stories about the things I thought about, wether a land full of socks or a dragons egg in a subway tunnel. I take my love for stories into my professional life and try to apply it to my work. I believe that if you own your story, the good, the bad, the successes but most important the failures you will go through this life a success no matter what you achieve.

During my days off I spend a lot of time outside with my dog and my family. We have a cabin far up north in Sweden were we spend our summers hiking and de-stressing. I also watch a lot of football, and with a lot I really mean a lot. I've supported Manchester United since before they won everything (this is important to say) and I never miss a game.

Per lives & breathes high quality software & products. Do you?

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