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Olga Vysotskaya, tretton37

I started my journey far from IT - as a lawyer in the middle of Siberia. I quit law practice quite fast and spend a lot of time looking for another area where one can help people, where analytical and communication skills are equally important.

By chance, luck, or fate, I started to help with a blog about the application of the theory of Software Testing to practice. Even as I read more about testing - books, blogs, articles - I had no practice. But my love for both gaming and testing got me my first job in IT - in a Game development company.

Since then, I’ve moved to another country, learned to program, read even more books, and participated in countless discussions about quality, but still love what I do. Even more so. I still read a lot, fewer books with “Testing” or “Quality” in their titles. And more on cognitive science, philosophy, physiology, development process, DevOps, group dynamics, project management - to learn how people and companies can improve quality, one has to look broader than just old fashioned testing.

Olga lives & breathes high quality software & products. Do you?

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