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Ola Andersson, tretton37

As a gamer I've always been interested in how to make a video game and my plan was to become a game developer. I studied programming at high school and when our teacher introduced us to web programming. From that point I was hooked with the "easiness" to develop something and I started to work professionally with interface development in 2006.

Still a bit conservative and do appreciate the real hand craft with writing good, solid and structured markup, CSS and accessible code.

In the last years I've also explored the large frameworks like React and VueJS.

Big fan of beer, whiskey, trading, soccer(Liverpool FC) and cooking. As a father of two, I spend a lot of my spare time building LEGO and dancing to various Disney themes.

As long as my body allows it, I'll continue to play soccer with my team Anderslövs BoIK.

Ola lives & breathes high quality software & products. Do you?

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