Mikael Häggblad

I simply love to learn new things and to do it passionately. This was my approach when it came to deciding what to do with my life, at least professionally. Browsing trough the university catalogue, I asked myself what I didn’t know much about, but that caught my interest and sparked my passion. Unlike many, I never fiddled around much with computers back in the day, so when the nineties was coming to an end I made a fresh start in the world of IT and I have been stuck ever since.

I have continued the quest to learn new things over the last decades. From developing, through project-, program-, and innovation management, to IT management in different positions. Always looking to find simple solutions to complex problems, building engaged teams, do things differently, embracing challanges and having fun in the process.

I balance my passion for IT and business with my passion for the family. I am a father of three who enjoys traveling, using power tools and cooking.

I now feel privileged to learn new things together with all of you ninjas, our customers and partners out there and to create value by sharing knowledge. Let´s innovate!