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Mikael Borgbrant, tretton37

My interest for computers started at the age of seven when my mother brought a computer from work to our home. I was hooked. According to my parents I was too hooked, so they tried to limit the time I was allowed to sit in front of that computer. In order to get me outdoors, they bought me a skateboard. Luckely for them, I really fell in love with the skateboard as well (and my mom started to worry about physical damages instead).

Honestly, I never questioned what to do in life, I just continued to explore the world of one & zeros. Later in life I became more and more interested in how the machine, which was running my code, actually worked. I started to study electronics and computer science, which led me to embedded systems. But when I left the university I realised I wanted to use my new low level knowledge to gain my skills on the higher level. I have travelled the stack from south to north and today I feel totally at home as a front-end developer, with a full stack experience.

When you don’t find me in front of my computer you’ll probably find me on a surfboard, reading an interesting book, hanging out with people I like, or exploring a new part of the world. I strongly believe that an open mind and curiosity is the key to an awesome experience of life.​

Mikael lives & breathes high quality software & products. Do you?

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