Madeleine Schönemann

Growing up in an era where computers were commonplace in everyone's home, curiosity and the will to learn more about them has been present almost since before I could walk. It all began with gaming but gradually emerged into an interest for coding and development. Choosing a career within this field was not a hard decision and after a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science - focusing on systems development - I am ready for a new chapter in my life!

Learning new things is awesome and I never say no to a new challenge - which is why programming is the ultimate occupation for me.

Besides computers, nature and the environment is really important to me. The balcony at my apartment has slowly but surely turned into a greenhouse! Cooking is also a huge passion of mine, especially experimenting with natural and clean ingredients.

You’ll find me either out and about in nature, in front of the computer - coding or gaming (depending on my mood) - or headbanging at a metal concert!