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Lukas de Ridder, tretton37

Origin stories seem to start in experimental labs or with aliens visiting from galaxies far far away:

Coming from design (and some coding) and then moving into UX untethered (gave me permission for) my curiosity for analysing 'how people think they think', 'how people think that tech "thinks" they think' and 'how I think people think'. This is also known as User Testing - and that is basically having an experimental lab. If you combine that with that my moving from South Africa to Sweden (which is one standard galaxy-length away), one could say I've got my bases covered for a standard origin story.

Design Thinking, Circular Design, Design Systems, Game Thinking, and prototyping are words you can use to catch my attention (or just ask me about coffee).

Lukas lives & breathes high quality software & products. Do you?

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