Lia Kampantai

When I was a child I thought computers were just a tool for playing games, so I never actually felt interested to explore them. All that changed when I saw some code written in some educational software for learning programming. That was the moment I realised that this was a perfect match for me, and decided that I would follow this path in education and as a career in my life.

Over the past few years, I have experimented with different languages and frameworks and developed various solutions; from mobile apps to business software. What really excites me in a new project is the challenge of using new techniques or tools to improve the solution and enhance my skills. Then - once delivered - having happy users is the best reward for me.

I am a strong believer of team work and community collaboration. I often spend a fair bit of time in discussions in tech forums or making some contributions to open source projects. Besides creating software, I enjoy cooking for family and friends, spending time with my partner and our cats, watching movies and practicing martial arts.