Jonas Lundstedt

I've always loved fiddling with computers and in the mid 1990's - after a brief period of studying Political Science - I realised I could actually make a living out of my hobby as a programmer. After 10 years as a Web Developer, I felt I was too comfortable in my zone and I needed to challenge myself. Since I am a person that loves to improve myself and learn new things, I decided to change direction towards managing projects as well as building and leading a development team. Soon, I realised it was a great fit for me as I am very social person and now I get to combine my technical background with my communication skills.

When I'm not working I enjoy spending time at my summer house with a chainsaw in my hands, or tinkering with a motorcycle. During the winter, I'm all about video games! I am really interested in languages, so I am always looking to improve my French.​​​