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Humza Waseem, tretton37

I have always been a person of curiosity and being brought up in a family of engineers and ITprofessionals made it quite obvious for me to go down for a stroll in the land of computers.

Back when I used to be a kid, most of my time was spent interacting with gadgets and devices, playing 8-bitgames on ATARI, using the good old INTEL P4 system for learning how to type fast, create static HTMLpages, and other silly/fun stuff. Fast forward to my 20s, I took my passion for the computers and hardware to next level, when I became a reviewer and started my own blog/website where I used to write articles/reviews for computer hardware and gadgets sent to me by companies all around the globe. Since my daily life was revolving around computers, I decided to make it my career by doing adegree in computer sciences and started my professional journey in the field of software development. For most of my time in this field, I have worked as full stack developer. I have been working in different capacities and various companies ranging from the corporate sector to startups and as a freelanceconsultant. My main magic tools are .NET and Angular, but also have a couple of other cool stuff hiddenin my backpack as well. In this field of vast knowledge, you can always learn new stuff every day and I am never hesitant to try out new things and add to my skill tree. That’s what keeps me on my toes andup and running. 

Joining Tretton37 is one of the best moments of my life. I was very gratified to see the extended support and warm welcome to the organization. Tretton37 is not your ordinary software consultancy company, I can surely bet on this. On my first day, I got an awesome reception from everyone here and a few hours later I was a part of the family. Amazing people, intellectuals, and wizards of IT all around the place. Last but not the least, remember I mentioned playing games when I was a little kid. I brought that traitwith me up till now, I am also an avid e-gamer.

Whenever I get free time, I play online games with my friends on Steam, Battle.net, and other e-sports platforms. Besides this, I also love to play Ping-Pong,watch TV series, go on long walks, hang out and dine out with my family.

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