We've gone from tretton37 to 13|37.

We’re still the same company with the same heart and focus on empowering clients and colleagues – and that will never change – but now we’re shorthand! If you want to get in touch to talk to us about empowering your organisation, uncovering your digital capabilities or find out more about life at 13|37 then head on over to 1337.tech.

tretton37.com will be available for a limited transition period only. Have a wonderful day.

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Håkan Haraldsson 🇸🇪 Lund Håkan Haraldsson portrait image

Håkan Haraldsson, tretton37

I value all parts of a software's life cycle, from requirements to tested software and everything in-between and around. But none of this matters if you do not collaborate and communicate with all parties involved in the development. Speaking the same "language" as the customer, developer, tester or whoever is a necessity of delivering great software.

At this point in my developer-life, I focus a lot on real-time web-apps which is really exciting, and the things we can do with the web today are amazing. I'm always looking for new technologies and methodologies to try out and I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.

When I'm not in uniform I like to spend time with my family and to travel. I also have a great interest in useless knowledge so if you wanna challenge me for a round of trivia I will gladly accept it.

Håkan lives & breathes high quality software & products. Do you?

Join Håkan! We have vacancies in 🇸🇪Lund along with an enviable recruitment package.