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Eric Wingren, tretton37

I started to code at first during my studies in engineering physics back in 2010. I remember thinking that the possibility to solve complex problems by just writing some code is really cool. I took many courses where I could combine my knowledge in programming, mathematics and physics which was both challenging and fun. I did my master in computational mechanics and the thing I enjoyed the most was to write the simulation programs and to see it come alive on the screen.

2017 I started my journey as a consultant in programming and the only thing I knew was that I wanted to code. With an open mind and being able to work with talented people I learned so much. I have had the opportunities to work with everything from Javascript and React in frontend to Golang, Node and AWS in backend. Everything has been fun and challenging in its own way.

I am a very curious person and love to learn new things, if I do not know it I usually try to learn it by reading or listening to others if it can help me solve a problem. Recently I decided to improve in advanced design patterns and learning MySQL. I believe that with an open mind and a mind set to learn and share we can do great things together.

When I do not work I like to play games of all kinds, from board games to computer games with friends. My sambo loves to travel and we are both interesting in food which is great because she always have a good idea of where to go and eat on the weekends. I bought a road bike 2020 and I really enjoy the freedom to bike around in Skåne, see the nature and to go fast with good company.

Eric lives & breathes high quality software & products. Do you?

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