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Domen Gabrovšek, tretton37

My interest for problem solving began, when at a young age I was introduced to chess by my grandfather. Since almost no one around played chess, my only opportunities to play and get better were my grandfather, and my father. When I joined primary school I’ve started playing in various tournaments, joined a few state-wide ones, and even participated in a European championship. I was always fascinated by how simple and at the same time complex chess can be. This motivates me to find and implement simple solutions for complex problems.

Through experimenting and solving different problems during my studies and personal/professional projects, I had the opportunity to work with C#, Java, Python, PHP, different flavours of SQL and some scripting in PowerShell, and Bash. Even though I’ve worked with both, I’ve always preferred backend to frontend development. Currently I feel most comfortable working with, and navigating the world of Javascript. Apart from designing and implementing business features, I’ve always enjoyed automating and improving processes, as well as sharing knowledge on every step.

Apart from work, I’m always trying to improve myself or learn about new things. That can range from playing with a Raspberry Pi to solving a 6x6 Rubik’s cube, or even learning Russian. I also enjoy reading, solving puzzle games, playing chess and video games. I love trips to nature, especially the mountains. I cannot describe with words the special feeling of peace and freedom when you’re surrounded by gigantic rock formations. To recharge my batteries I also like to climb in a nearby bouldering gym, go for a run, spend time with friends/family and sometimes play badminton.

I love the idea of living life much like a Fibonacci spiral - constantly growing and spiralling out, exploring and reaching toward the unknown.

Domen lives & breathes high quality software & products. Do you?

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