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tretton37.com will be available for a limited transition period only. Have a wonderful day.

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Daniel Wallin, tretton37

I've always been driven by the desire to study how things work and fit together, from the smallest building blocks to how they connect together and build larger systems. From quantum physics to astronomy. From individual work to group processes. From functions to full solutions.

My scientific mindset brought me to doctoral studies in nanoelectronics. After finishing my Ph.D., realising the long time horizon to a useful quantum computer, I switched away from the academic world to the corporate sector, focused to help businesses reach goals with much shorter time frames. With me I brought experience in lecturing, problem solving, innovation and peer discussions.

As a software consultant my passion is about the information flow in distributed computer systems, with an extra emphasis on service maintenance through logging, tracing and metric methods. I love finding patterns and simple logic solutions to see complex problems unmask. I also have a great interest for agile processes with short release cycles and rapid feedback loops. In projects I gladly take the tech lead role, and I believe in mixed teams where developers, business and testers work closely together. My experience stretches from bank sector to e-commerce business, with a deep knowledge in the Microsoft technology stack and the .Net ecosystem.

It is important for me to be up to date on new techniques and development methodologies. Therefore, I continuously consume books, conference video recordings, podcasts, and actively monitor social media blog and twitter posts.

Even if I enjoy spending time combining job and hobby, a good work life balance is important. My spare time is spent with my beloved wife and kids, preferably outdoors, hiking and taking photos.


Daniel lives & breathes high quality software & products. Do you?

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