Christoffer Kjellberg

I guess you could say working with IT and Development is in my blood as I grew up spending a lot of time at the family business helping out and doing all kinds of things from a very early age. When I was around 10-12 I started playing different MUDs (Multi user dungeon) which then led me to modifying and creating my own game together with some friends after school. Once in high school I spent more time at the family business helping out with more advanced projects and I kept working there on and off for the coming 10 years while taking a lot of time to travel and seeing the world but also studying a few different things at the university, including industrial economics, sea captain and informatics.

After my studies I started working as a Consultant focusing on .Net development and devops and I love the complexity and problem solving involved in both areas. I also try to involve myself in BI projects wherever possible as it's an area which interests me a lot.

After work I usually wind down either watching a movie, tv show or playing computer games but I also love driving both cars and motorcycles , preferably fast ones. Other interests are cooking, travelling and tech stuff in general.