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Carl Glennfalk, tretton37

My interest in technology started a long while ago when I got my hands on my dad's computer when I was a kid. During university, I got introduced to programming which enhanced my already pretty high-interest technology.

Being a problem solver - programming tasks seemed like a perfect fit for me. I found out that taking (sometimes somewhat abstract) ideas to solve business problems using the software was something that I highly enjoyed doing. Starting my development career within e-commerce turned out to be a great environment for just this, where we easily could measure the ROI on all implemented ideas.

I've also great interest in e-Health and how one can use software to improve physical and mental health for us humans. Even though software development is a challenge for the brain - it is not so much for the rest of the body. Therefore I (try to) enjoy going out on runs, being outdoors, and doing some yoga to keep my 2m tall stiff body not so stiff...

Carl lives & breathes high quality software & products. Do you?

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