Anders Nygren

My first real code love was coding C on the Amiga way back in the nineties. Since then, coding has always been a part of my life, in one way or another.

I started programming in my teens on Commodore 64 and the Amiga. I had a short jobb as a C programmer on some embedded system before I meet my future wife. She inspired me to go to university. There I studied dentistry and later worked as a dentist for several years.

Some years ago I took up my old interest in programming and felt a passion for the craft that I had not felt in a long time. When the clinic I worked at had to close I decided to take up programming full time. By then I already had been studying web development at Blekinge Institute of Technology for a bit over a year and also started working as an assisting teacher.

I love being creative and make things, and coding is my preferred craft for that. My tool of choice is Javascript or one of its cousins Reason and Elm. Web-development bit me hard during my software studies and frontend coupled with the front of the backend is where I spend most of my time. The fascination that comes from making computers dance to my will is forever present.

In my spare time I like to go for long runs in the forest, cook big Indian dinners, play playstation with my kids or play board games with my wife and friends.