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tretton37 & Open Source

Posted 2016-03-30 By Björn Handell

Nancy FX

The story behind it all

We at tretton37 strongly believe in the ideas of creating value by sharing knowledge and challenging everything. These are the ideals that the company is built upon, keep us going and are at the very core of our identity. An example of this is that we strategically choose to work and contribute to various Open Source projects, as they help us to secure and circulate knowledge, as well as benefit our community and - well - it's also fun! Over the years we have been involved in many different Open Source initiatives, and always with our own passion for software craftsmanship at the core.

Our steady growth has seen us become well-acquainted with international clients, and we always appreciate when we are contacted from across the globe due to our expertise. It makes us feel both proud and humble that some clients truly recognize the value of extraordinary technical knowledge.

The Opportunity

With this in mind we were thrilled to be contacted by the people at VQcomms (based in the UK). They are currently working with a project that uses NancyFx as a main component and wanted tretton37 to help. The fact that Andreas Håkansson (founder of NancyFx) is part of the tretton37 family and was available for the challenge made it feel like something that was meant to be. A few conference calls later, and we are working on fast-tracking Nancy to run on the CoreCLR; something that will benefit both VQcomms, NancyFx and ultimately tretton37.

The Clients words

When asking the client about the project they told us this: VQ uses NancyFX as part of our solution; we hired Jonathan Channon about 2 years ago because he’s a contributor to the NancyFX project and it would give us control of the complete stack (previously, we’d been dependent on Microsoft IIS and weren’t particularly comfortable that we had almost no control over it).



The value of this decision has been demonstrated numerous times as the next generation of our product has gone through design and then field beta programs; Nancy has performed really well and in-house expertise into its working has been invaluable.

Some time ago, Andreas posted a blog about funding to enable Nancy development. Jonathan showed me the blog and that got us thinking.

Andreas Håkansson


Getting NancyFX onto CoreCLR would give us Microsoft .net robustness on Linux and Windows. Working with tretton37 and Andreas would enable us to get to NancyFX onto CoreCLR in a more predictable manner, enable us to give something back to the NancyFX team and allow us to build a relationship with tretton37. Proceeding was an easy decision to make and we wrapped it up in a couple of calls. If you wan't to know more of the Clients perspective they blog about it here.

Wrap up

We see this as the beginning of something beautiful! A truly interesting project that will act as a role model project to emulate in the future. For us it is amazing to see the impact an opportunity like this can have on an Open Source project.

Shameless plug: We are a very unique family of driven software-creating professionals.

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