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Posted 2014-06-13 By Anders Persson

Yes, it’s time for another full-blown action-packed day of Knowledge! We’ll be enhancing our competence, and sharing our knowledge with one another – it’s the event we call Knowabunga! It’s also the final Knowabunga before we all head off to enjoy our well-deserved vacations :-).

This Knowabunga edition will focus on three different tracks and each of these tracks have their own separate goals; we will look into:

  • ****The perfect stack****
  • ****People and Leadership****
  • ****Presenters guild****

So, you’re probably wondering what do all these tracks mean? Well let’s break it down for you;

The perfect stack

This is our main track for this Knowabunga edition. It will concentrate on discovering issues and answering questions. What would you do differently if you could start all over again with the project you are working on? How would you set up that project? How would you organize your controllers and views? What frameworks would you use and how would you build & publish the project? The perfect stack track is about just that - starting afresh and building the best possible technology stack for the job without the ball and chain of legacy code.

The expected outcome of the day is to build a boilerplate project that demonstrates your perfect stack.

People and Leadership

This is a sidetrack created by Martin Rosenqvist, its sole focus is on the oft aspects of our craft; leadership, coaching, teamwork, communication and personal mastery.

Presenters guild

This track focuses on learning more about holding different types of presentation, so we intend to focus on Pecha Kucha! Pecha Kucha is a technique where you use 20 slides with images and talk for 20 seconds about each slide. The slide changes automatically during the presentations, so you need to be articulate and concise! It’s a fun but challenging technique! You can read more about Pecha Kucha here and feel free to watch a sample of what it’s all about here.

We’ll follow-up and let you know how this all went down in a post after the event! Until then, keep a lookout for the #knowbunga day in your Social Media timeline!


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