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We are always on the lookout for new friends that share our values. So if you are up for a challenge - don't be a stranger. Our doors are always open.

Below you can take a sneak peek at the life at tretton37 and what you can expect from us. Check out our open positions to see if there is a perfect match. If there is no vacancy that suits your competence profile at the moment, please feel free to send in your application anyway and you will hear from us when a position becomes available.

_life at tretton37

what you can expect

Tribes and Ninja Budget - Create your own path and join a Tribe to increase your knowledge base and share it with our fellow Ninjas.

Leetspeak - The conference created out of our desire to whip up inspiring, hardcore technical content.

Community events - Sharing is caring and we support great community initiatives such as user group meetups and conferences.

Strategy Day - We welcome everyone in our team to take part in creating and improving the company we all work at.

Leet lunches - Monthly restaurant lunches to simply hang out with fellow colleagues.

Social events - Our ideas of fun is as varied as the people working here. Beer tasting? Stand up paddling? Bring it on.

One tretton37 - Doesn't matter which office you are in, we keep everybody connected.

Knowabunga - A full day dedicated to knowledge sharing together with your fellow craftsmen at tretton37.

Family spirit - Family events where you and your kids, dog, grandmother or partner are more than welcome.

Code Night - Meet up, write code, eat and socialize! Our code night is a winning concept of challenges and a great deal of fun.

Beer Fridge - Grab a beer, some soda or just some cold water. A fully stocked fridge is always available.

Swag - We do take a lot of pride in the swag we create. No boring corporate stuff - pinky promise.

…and there is more!

some of our attractive perks

Our Dojo A cool place to work and play at. Our offices kitted with the latest tools provides a relaxed atmosphere. Come visit!

The weapons of your choice We provide you with the best tools you need to be successful and carry out your craftsmanship.

Ninja Budget How about non-hierarchical decisions when it comes to what you need to work your best? Make it a joint quest and go large.

Healthcare and pension We make sure you are covered by a personal healthcare insurance and a great pension program.

Fitness and sports We're talking diving, windsurfing or skiing. Have a suggestion? Bring it on!

Work life balance While we offer and love extracurricular activities, we strongly encourage a healthy balance between personal and professional life.

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Spontaneous application

We are always looking for interesting and talented people within the field of custom software development! If you can't find a position relevant to your expertise, please use our Open application form bellow to apply and submit your CV.

we've got this.

We are eager to receive your application! And don’t worry, we will treat it with confidentiality. In case you have a question or two, you can always drop us an email and we will be happy to respond. We look forward to meeting you.

_ready to join us?

this is how!

  1. Getting to know each other

    A relaxed meeting to get to know you a little bit more and for you to get an idea of what being part of tretton37 is all about. We share the same values regarding culture, work, family spirit and craftsmanship, and we take that just as seriously as your technical skills.

  2. Technical skills and reference check

    We'll take a closer look at your technical expertise, exploring the focus and extent of your skills and the way you approach challenges. We also expect to see some code that you have written yourself. This is the point where you get to impress us with your coding awesomeness.

  3. Final stage

    Finally it's time to sit down a last time. This meeting will let us both know if we are heading in the same direction. If so, our joint quest for challenges begins.

Open position

This is how being LEET feels like!
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