Our vision

To become the most admired company.

That's all.

_who we are?

we like to call ourselves ninjas

_challenging everything

When two experienced consultants founded tretton37 in 2010 in Lund, they did it to challenge the industry standards. Tired of being called a resource, they decided to create a knowledge based company where they would love to work at themselves.

They envisioned an admired company, which would show genuine care for its people, community and clients through sharing knowledge. Throughout the sharing process, all these stakeholders would receive a value - something that is extremely important for every single one of them and helps them develop and grow. This is how tretton37 works really hard to earn your admiration.

Today, we are a large extended family of the best and the brightest people who are passionately sharing their knowledge and helping clients achieve their most ambitious goals.

Naming a company that truly represents who you are is a challenge in itself. We made it! Believe it or not, it all started in our childhoods when we were playing computer games. Back in the day, every good player who did something cool was called "elite". It was a fun way of giving recognition to friends for their awesome work.

To shorten the word, its phonetic version “leet” became popular, and to remain in secrecy, numbers slowly replaced letters (L = 1, E = 3 and T = 7). We added a Swedish touch by naming number 13 with its Swedish word “tretton”. Our name, tretton37, explaining everything you need to know. We are a Swedish technology company, being the best in what we do. And we are proud of it.

So why call ourselves Ninjas? Well, we didn't like the term consultant which has become watered down over the years. Everybody was suddenly a consultant, but no one really knew what it actually meant. Like a counter reaction we started to call ourselves Ninjas - a self claimed title that has been around the developer community for a while. A Ninja is a craftsman, a specialist with pride in what they do. It's all about a passion and a way of life and about finding a name that best describes the playfulness and professionalism that you find here at tretton37.

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this is us!

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_we truly treasure...

our values

Craftsmanship as a lifestyle

We are craftsmen exceeding client's expectations by delivering state of the art quality and professional service, working and learning with passion, and having great pride in our work and in our company.

What you see is who we are

Open, straightforward and honest communication helps us to build trustworthy long-term relationships within the company and with our clients.

Challenge the world

We are continuously challenging the world, fearlessly trying out new things, following technology trends and looking for new opportunities to satisfy our hunger for up-to-date knowledge experience. We are entrepreneurs for life.

Embrace the family spirit

Every person in the company is equally important and encouraged to be involved in the decision-making process, which drives our commitment. We all proudly belong to the knowledgeable team of loving, caring and fair people who support each other, have an understanding for each other's concerns and promote mutual trust, loyalty and respect.

Have fun

We believe in power of freethinking and creativity. The balance of knowing when to work hard and when to have fun is of great importance in our organization. Playfulness within our professional environment engages the best skills and creates the best results.

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our ninjas

Are you a Ninja?

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