Sembo logo

_the client

Sembo is a travel agency that specialises in online sales. The operations consist of several online retail locations under different trademarks and have recently expanded to both Denmark and Germany.

_the challenge

To find new and innovative ideas on how to improve the existing development process of the travel booking systems they were working on.

_the solution

tretton37 injected an experienced player-coach into the Sembo development team. By contributing with both mentoring and knowledge in architecture, development and methodology the coach helped the team with the continuous development of the travel booking systems and their development process.

The player-coach contributed and became one of the team members working in close cooperation, guiding the team both in technology and process. This helped Sembo to create more time for new ideas and innovation and also made the team move faster and become more tightly knit.

_knowledge sharing

By inviting and welcoming a tretton37 player-coach, the dynamic in Sembos own existing team of developers opened for a mutual exchange of ideas and experiences. This lead to new and innovative ideas and improvements of existing development processes.