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_the client

HittaHem is a digital company with the goal to provide great service within the real estate market for both real estate agents and people on the look-out for a new home. They grow steadily and develop functionality that is unparalleled by any other actor in the market.

The public can access one of many solutions developed at HittaHem by visiting the public facing website; Among the services offered on the website, there is an opportunity for subscribers to receive first-hand information on homes that are about to go on sale.

_the challenge

HittaHem needed to build a system of scalable microservices that would deal with input of data from their website and from external partners. Furthermore, they needed to build integrations with external partners' systems and an advertisement tech with very high throughput and performance.

_the solution

tretton37 contributed with knowledge in both architecture and development. We created an event-driven architecture, built with .NET Core and Azure services that scale well and meet the demand of high traffic throughput.

_knowledge sharing

Improvement ideas and suggestions were continuously shared in retrospectives and weekly architecture meetings, as well as initiatives such as “brown-bag lunches”. Many features were modeled and designed by tretton37 specialists.


HittaHem deals with very technology-intensive products, and tretton37 made it possible to reduce the production time and get the products to the market faster. Together with Hittahem’s team, we designed the architecture and optimized the infrastructure to reduce costs for the PaaS-services that were utilized. We have continued to explore bleeding edge software that supports the business in order to make the customer a very attractive employer for future recruits.

What was cool with it?

A fantastic team, a fast-paced environment and an event-driven architecture to name just a few factors. We also got to build the solutions as early adopters of microservices in .NET Core and Azure services, a frontend in React & Redux, and many other technologies that are now very common in many software development projects.