Deutsche Bahn (DB)

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_the client

Deutsche Bahn AG is the main German railway company. Headquartered in Berlin, it is a private joint-stock company, with the Federal Republic of Germany being its single shareholder. A yearly revenue of almost 40 Billion Euro (2014) makes it the largest railway company in Germany.

_the challenge

Deutsche Bahn has developed an innovative online mobile ticketing system called Touch&Travel. It allows travellers to acquire an open ticket on their mobile phone. The user checks in and out on trains, buses and though the metro and pay afterwards based on the routes they have traveled. DB is now looking into expanding this system towards automated check-in/check-out with e.g. i-beacons and needed a prototype app to demonstrate the concept to their customers.

_the solution

Based on an initial briefing from DB on the functional, tretton37, within a week, built a fully functional and interactive prototype app to demostrate the user experience for a automated check-in/out system. The prototype was used by DB straight out of the box towards their clients.

_knowledge sharing

tretton37’s fast prototyping skills in combination with knowledge gathered in other projects (related and unrelated) lead to the successful delivery of this assignment.