an online gaming company

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_the client

The client is a company that offers a number of online gambling products, such as casino, poker, roulette, bingo, sports betting and scratch cards.

_the challenge

Due to rapid expansion of the company suffered quality issues in the development and delivery of their services.

This caused delayed projects and feature deployment and even quality issues towards their end-customers, eventually resulting in less revenues.

_the solution

tretton37 approached the challenge by changing the way the development teams work and to work with quality in mind from start. The less experienced developers were coached into concepts like unit testing, edge case testing, code reviews and pair-programming.

_knowledge sharing

Specific expertise from tretton37 was brought in and shared on request for topics like AutoFixture, Inversion of Control and Behaviour Driven Design. This has resulted in that the mentality of the team has now changed to becoming quality aware, leaving lasting effects for the client.