an industrial inspection company

an industrial inspection company logo

_the client

The company provides services in testing, inspection and certification within the industrial industry.

_the challenge

The client was stuck with an outdated system. They had a lot of ideas and plans for future upgrades of the system, such as customer analysis and mobile friendliness.

_the solution

Together with the client, tretton37 built a modern and responsive website. Incorporating all old functionality and adding the foundation to keep implementing new in the future. The website can seamlessly adapt to 6 different screen sizes and Google Analytics was added to better follow customer behavior.

Continuous deployment was also configured in an early stage to allow the client to follow the development and add features during the entire project. Making that what tretton37 built was what the client needed.

_knowledge sharing

Quick deployment of small changes, continuous deployment and exploratory sessions on multiple devices helped keep a high pace in the project. With a mutual open-minded approach, a dynamic and instructive atmosphere was created. Open dialogue and exchange of knowledge permeated the entire project. Transparency, close feedback loops, and an on-going introduction to the latest knowledge and technology truly contributed to a successful development process.