Solution architect (Cloud)

Open position in 🇸🇮 Ljubljana, Slovenia

tretton37 {thirteen37 -> 1337} is an international company looking for talented craftsmen to join our “I-want-to-live-here” offices in the heart of Ljubljana. Are you an experienced tech ninja? Do you live and breath the latest technologies? Welcome to the beginning of a new chapter, something fresh, different and scändinåviën.

What are we offering?

_financial aspect

  • Competitive salary depending on your experience and knowledge
  • Regular salary increase, full vacation pay
  • Maximum meal and transportation payments
  • Payday on the 25th in the month for the current month. Yay!
  • Full-time indefinite employment in our Slovenian branch tretton37 d.o.o. with a 6-month trial period

_wellbeing in health

  • 25 days of paid vacation
  • Monthly payments into your additional pension fund
  • Direct access to specialists and ergonomic expert consultations
  • A wellbeing budget to spend as you please
  • Salary top-up when on parental leave
  • Fun AW activities (CrossFit, hockey night, sportsball…)
  • Ergonomic adjustable hydraulic desks, high quality chairs, adjustable and glare-free screens, swings and an emphasis on a comfortable work environment

_your upgrade and gear

  • Generous ninja budget, to be spent on conferences, additional tooling, education, licenses or gadgets
  • Organized Knowledge days 3x a year (Knowabungas)
  • Knowledge tribes, pooling knowledge and interests together
  • Ninja time, to use during work hours for your personal growth
  • Attendance at our awesome leetspeak conference
  • A brand new laptop of choice (Macbook Pro, XPS, …)
  • A brand new phone of choice (iPhone, S9, …) including a data plan
  • Pick your own keyboard, mouse and other gear

_your second home and events

  • Full access and use of our premises, 24/7
  • Creative and relaxed environment: board games, xBOX, SNES,…
  • Flexible working hours
  • Occasional work from home
  • Unlimited coffee, soft drinks, craft beers, fruit and snacks
  • Unbeatable business support function
  • Voluntary participation in international trips and team buildings
  • Summer family BBQ, Christmas party, after works, meetups
  • Culinary days (Friday Fika, codelunch, smörgåstårtas)
  • Support for open source projects and community engagements
  • Supporting your creative ideas and ambitions
  • Internal events, like Coder dojo, leethack, game jam, tribe night, movie night, poker night …
  • Blazing fast gigabit wifi and broadband

_challenges and day-to-day

  • Leadership role within a team of carefully handpicked IT professionals
  • Responsibility in delivering high performing and high quality software
  • Working with internal and external stakeholders
  • Carefully selected and challenging projects
  • Working with international clients and known mature startups
  • Working on startup projects within 1337 Works ventures
  • Kick-ass colleagues and mentors at every corner
  • Scandinavian approach including a flat organization without an excessive hierarchy
  • Complete transparency and volunteer monthly meetings, where your vote and opinion matters on a company scale
  • Opportunities to work in any of our offices abroad

tretton37 ninjas

Our expectations

  • Minimum of 8 years of professional development experience
  • Well versed in English, fluent and clear communication skills
  • Team player with a passion for solution development
  • Excellent organisational and team leading abilities
  • Ability to grow, motivate, mentor and inspire the team
  • Long lasting experience within the world of IT complemented with various technologies
  • Experience in delivering high quality and iterative software
  • Ability to design modern high availability infrastructure and architecture
  • In depth understanding of web development in the context of fullstack JavaScript, AWS, Java and .NET 
  • Experience with AGILE, Scrum or Kanban projects
  • In depth knowledge of various software design patterns
  • Proven track record with leading cross functional teams
  • Understanding the business of IT consulting and client relations 

You will make us extra excited with:

  • + Project management experience and abilities
  • + Experience as a scrum master or product lead
  • + An eye for design and high quality experiences
  • + Experience and understanding within the latest SEO techniques
  • + Knowledge of Event based architecture
  • + Understanding and hands-on experience with Front-End frameworks (React, Vue, Angular,...)
  • + Experience in developing PWAs, Service Workers, RAIL
  • + Experience with CI / CD or other DevOps experiences
  • + Experience in deploying Serverless and Function as a service solutions (AWS lambdas, open faas, ...)
  • + In depth experience with architectures in either GCP or Azure

We are tretton37.

Our playful name tretton37 is a heritage of the gaming culture, where due to efficiency and secret codes among gamers the word ELITE has been shortened to LEET and eventually to 1337. 1337 is a strong part of our culture, it is an attitude that you can feel within as well as outside our offices.

tretton37 is a fast growing Swedish company with its headquarters set in the university town of Lund, a cornerstone of Swedish knowledge and high-tech industry (Bluetooth, Tetrapak, Sony Ericsson, Alfa Laval,…). When we’ve started our family back in 2010, we were determined to challenge the status quo and the state of the IT industry. We’ve started with humble beginnings, but were actively and confidently fighting bad code, one line at a time. We don’t believe in ties, too much hierarchy and extensive titles. We call ourselves ninjas, we have survived hackathons, were chosen among the most desirable employers in Sweden and were awarded for having the most envious office spaces and working environments.

We are particularly proud of our attitude towards people, our contributions to the community and the quality which we consistently deliver to our clients. We are different in our culture and our day-to-day life. We strongly believe and invest in knowledge, our mission “Creating value by sharing knowledge” is with us on every step of our journey. We are a company, where there is no such thing as a stupid question and where someone is always willing to help you out, no prestige and no egos. We give back to the community by organising one of the biggest nordic conferences - leetspeak.

tretton37 ninjas

Our growing international family resides in six offices and currently brings together 170 passionate and handpicked craftsmen from all sorts of backgrounds. We would like to invite you to embark on a fresh and exciting journey. A journey where we promise that the combination of our family, our values and culture will always come first. In addition to a competitive compensation and other benefits, we promise that you will have all the conditions and opportunities to grow, excel, take care of your wellbeing, be surrounded with skilled craftsmen, encounter challenges within exciting projects, have fun, explore international destinations while having a healthy work and family time balance.

Today we are one of the leading IT consultancy and custom software development companies in Sweden. We like to get involved with a project at the most exciting time - its creation. It is there that we can influence and set high technology standards, infrastructure requirements and start our hardcore development process.
Most of our projects are coded in JavaScript, .NET or JAVA. Our projects are diverse, interesting, technologically advanced and full of exciting challenges to conquer. We cover the entire product and service pipeline, from bits and flags, high performance scalable Back-ends to stunning interfaces for all devices. In addition to our customer projects, we also run and invest into our own startup incubator 1337 Works, where we nurture and grow the leading products of tomorrow.

You had me at hello - how do I apply?

Ready to join us? You can submit your application along with your CV by visiting our career page or by clicking here to open the application directly. We would love if you could motivate and describe your decision to join us in a cover letter, why us, why are we a good fit for each other? 

I want to meet you, but I’m not a tech lead yet

We are always looking for talented individuals in the field of digital development. If this role doesn’t describe your passion, feel free to use our spontaneous application. We are also looking forward to hear from anyone who possesses the magic of Front-end, Back-end, UI, UX; or is experienced as a Product lead.

I would like to know more about you…

For more information, please look us up on twitter, facebook, linkedIn, Instagram, Flickr or by visiting our website.

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If you would like to join us in Ljubljana as our new Solution architect, please click here to apply now.