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Žiga Vajdič, tretton37

I have an overly curious personality that is enamored by technology, futurism, and above all, unique and unconfined people that inspire me to change, and better myself and those around me.

I've set my journey into the bytes and pieces of tech at the age of 15, starting a web-design business and selling my first website to a non-suspecting family friend, then launching and going viral with an e-commerce project later that same year. Following this passion for problem-solving and entrepreneurship led me to pursue work focused on software development and product management, where I am especially excited in re-thinking paradigms in business or tackling challenging ideas that have the potential to shape industries as a whole.

Through my years of experience, equally divided between work in my two startups, various development studios, and as a freelance consultant, I have amassed a multitude of valuable business, development and leadership abilities. Today, this expertise matched with a great team give me the confidence and stubbornness required to take on the hardest challenges.

When I am not tinkering with computers, you will most likely find me cooking for my girlfriend and friends; reading books; planning my next adventure in Azeroth; or dancing away the night to deep and ambient techno. I share life goals with a stranger whose quote I found on the internet: "Work hard now, so later in life, your dog can have the backyard he deserves.

Žiga lives & breathes high quality software & products. Do you?

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