Zacharias Björngren

I have always loved programming. Programming is great, sometimes you deal with puzzles which have one, single, correct solution and other times you deal with problems. Problems can be solved in many different ways. Solving problems is always rewarding and a learning experience which further develops your skills, and if it can’t be solved it’s really not a problem anymore.

I love my job and the challenges it provides, however spending my free time doing less soul crushing activities than hunting down that elusive Heisenbug really helps me relax. So I read, game and try my best to stay fit. Programming lacks a physical aspect, other than banging your head against the wall or smashing printers with baseball bats. Lifting stuff, taking the stairs and sprinting adds more oomph to the printer smashing.

Originally from Lund, I decided that after graduation I wanted to move to the city in Sweden where everything is decided and get in on the action! My first years in Stockholm made me a dangerous and capable lone wolf! I decided it was time for a change, and since I didn’t want to be the greatest (by) myself, I decided to be a part of the greatest – tretton37.