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Ymer Hjelmqvist 🇸🇪 Lund Ymer Hjelmqvist portrait image

Ymer Hjelmqvist, tretton37

I have a passion for engineering which came to my realization when I started building stuff with Lego as a kid; I’m always eager to learn and want to understand how things work - so that we can try to improve and make things better!

After finishing my engineering studies, I was taught Lean and production system thinking in the Swedish manufacturing industry; this knowledge has since been very useful for me as it is applicable almost everywhere - where you want to improve something. Since then I have had the opportunity to lead and work with skilled and interesting people in various countries and industries – on fun and challenging projects. I find it rewarding to be able to help my customers, and I think it is a privilege to meet and get to understand their business and industries.

The assignments have primarily been to help clients become more profitable, by analyzing what they do and how they do things - and then helping them improve in areas such as time-to-market, lead time reduction, and reduced tied capital.

I prefer to not work alone. I get so much inspiration and energy from my team, not to mention all ideas that pop up when I am working with others; ideas that in most cases are not that good, but sometimes - after being discussed and scrutinized - actually can lead to new initiatives or new business!

I can be a bit impatient, which can be frustrating for my team. I try to listen more than I talk, even though I like attention and to state my opinion.

I have also started a company producing modular housing based on shipping containers, in a standardized industrial manner. This was a great product, but the market wasn’t ready for it… A key learning was that we were a bit heavy on the engineering side and less skilled on the marketing side.

What I have understood about myself is that I like to be in a developing environment where technology interacts with people and that I like to take the lead in helping solve problems and deliver great tech products!

On the private side I enjoy family life with four kids, spending time in our summer house, and when possible – to kitesurf and go skiing.

Ymer lives & breathes high quality software & products. Do you?

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