Tomas Sigurdarson

I enjoy solving messy problems that require research, planning and iteration to get right. System architecture and problem solving within the IT domain provides plenty of such challenges. I strive to provide solutions that aid and improve processes and systems using IT. Solving complex problems requires identifying the underlying systems, their processes and creating solutions that bring positive effects to those systems and processes.

A great challenge in today's IT systems is their fragility to the changes of the systems and processes they exist to serve, and I enjoy the task of trying to remedy this issue.

This requires bringing in ideas and solutions from other fields such as systems thinking, strategy, evolution, sociology and architecture to name a few. Interdisciplinary thinking is fantastic and my appetite for it is unending.

Outside of work I like the simpler things in life; climbing, triathlon, skiing, sailing, things that utilize and train muscles and muscle memory rather than harness brain power :)