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Tobias Brandter, tretton37

My interest in technology and design started somewhere in my early teens, and during my time at KTH, this was also combined with business and people which spiced things up a bit! During my studies, I got in contact with service design and UX which sparked my interest within the field. After working a few years as a physical product designer, I decided to make the transition into fully digital products. As a UX-designer, I enjoy working with all parts of the UX process from research to launch.

Working with people solving their needs and problems with great products is what motivates me, especially when you are working with some social benefit. The project I am most proud of is when I was able to make an impact on the work environment for surgeons, doctors and nurses by improving and simplifying the communication in surgery rooms and anaesthesia. This resulted in higher efficiency, less waste and freeing up time for the heroes of our society working in health care!

When not working I am spending my days on outdoor activities, such as surfing, climbing or disc golf, or experimenting with various exciting drinks at home (currently cider, pet nat, beer and kombucha) to pair with some nice food!

Tobias lives & breathes high quality software & products. Do you?

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