Tina Yildirim

I am a true entrepreneur with a burning passion for marketing. And this is my life story.

My entrepreneurial journey begins when I was selling painted rocks at the age of 6. Not really. It was when I started my first business 15 years later, while I was still studying. It was an artist management agency representing musicians in Slovenia. This is how I’ve learned to manage and grow a business which proved to be quite useful in my later ventures. I still have that “show business” mindset that gives me a unique and unexpected perspective.

After falling deeply in love with my husband (he really wanted to be mentioned) and moving to Sweden in 2010, I founded and led IT start-up InvivoPlay that got many awards; including an award for the best business idea and a national innovation prize. Year 2013 was another good year, I was named among 25 most trendy Swedish IT entrepreneurs and among 100 Swedes that made a positive difference in the society.

Two years earlier, January 2011. Secret location. Could be Lund. Early days of tretton37 and its brand. Not many can say that they were there, but I had that privilege! Fast forward to now, I finally have the chance to call myself a Ninja and focus on my biggest passion - marketing. I am a doer and I do believe that nothing is impossible! Luckily, I share this belief with my fellow Ninjas.

I have a hate and hate relationship with the Swedish weather. When I feel that I have had enough of it, I love to travel somewhere warm and sunny with my family. If escaping is not an option, I like to hide at home and do crafts with my daughter, write, draw, or watch a good thriller (sometimes with my husband, if we can agree on the movie).