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Stefan Ekman, tretton37

Once there was a boy. He had just managed to get the newly soldered Sinclair ZX80 to start. A small program showed the text "Hello World!" repeated ten times. The boy was happy. I was that boy.

At this time, using a computer was the same thing as programming one. Now all are using computers, but only a few are programming them. The computers and possibilities to use them have evolved. They are not only technology anymore; they are an extension of ourselves, used for thinking, learning,​ and communicating.

I have grown from computer hobbyist to professional. Curiosity and the joy of getting things to work still drives me. I studied physics and I was a teacher in this. This background benefits me as I often think outside the box. Teaching has taught me to understand how people think and communicate.

Most of my development has been in Java and C++. I have experience from Windows, Linux, OSX and Android. I think cross-platform-programming is a virtue.

I like walking in the woods with my dogs and family. I am a MalmΓΆ FF supporter. Indoors I enjoy reading, and playing boardgames. I love to create, mainly through writing and woodcarving.

Stefan lives & breathes high quality software & products. Do you?

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