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Pontus Franzén, tretton37

My passion for video games is probably the reason I ended up becoming a developer. Having grown up gaming with my friends, I became interested in what made games tick. Combine that with a curious mind, a love for technology and a healthy dose of coffee I made the decision to become a Game Developer.

Fast forward a couple of years with Java, C++ and later on C#; at university I realised that the realm of software development - no matter if it was a game, a management system or even an event check-in system done as a late-night-hack – was filled with fun challenges. Some of them similar, some of them different. But no matter what, the satisfaction of a good solution is what drives me.

When it comes to coding, I do like to see the result of what I've done - like front-end stuff. But, I also enjoy digging into some complex back-end solutions. My strength lays in C# but I'm an eager learner picking up new (or old) things. (But please, no more VBA!). As of late, I've become interested in sharpening ​my knowledge in web solutions and I believe that tretton37 is the right place to do so.

If I'm not bashing the keyboard (read: coding) it's highly likely that I can be found with a gamepad in my hands, as gaming is still a big part of me. That, or I could be trying to unlock the power of communicating with cats. So far it has eluded me.

Pontus lives & breathes high quality software & products. Do you?

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