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Patrik Palmér, tretton37

Like many in my generation, my computer interest started when my parents gave me a Commodore 64 in the eighties. Playing games and typing long, incomprehensible "texts" in BASIC was a pretty magical experience back then. Since then, I have always surrounded myself with computers and video games.

After college, I did a quick tour in embedded mobile development, but once Android (cupcake) was out I jumped on that train and coded apps and services for quite some time. For the past few years, I have mostly been creating things in the cloud - full-stack. I have never considered myself bound to any specific languages, and I think you learn a lot from playing around and having fun with foreign languages and tools. On the subject of personal motivation, I'm a pretty simple guy who gets excited by moving things forward, one Post-it at a time...

Patrik lives & breathes high quality software & products. Do you?

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