Oscar Linde

When you’re a kid, growing up with an older brother who was into programming, it's easy to get dragged along yourself. This is what happened to me, and over the years it has evolved into one of my primary interests.

As a kid, I really wanted to make my own website. So that's what I did. Of course, it contained the - at the time - mandatory marquee text slices everywhere. As you can imagine, it was a mess of HTML tables and no stylesheets, but as I began to master CSS & Javascript it gradually became less of a mess. At some point, I wanted to be able to login to my website, and that’s basically how I got into PHP & SQL.

Fast forward a decade, and I work mainly with Javascript, HTML & CSS. I see myself as an expert in the area. I can’t stand sloppy code, and I always want to improve the code I come across.

What do I do when I’m not writing Javascript? I’m probably writing Rust or Go! Much of my free time goes to hobby projects or towards learning a new programming language or technique. Other than that, I also love gaming or just chilling out with friends & family. I’m also a fan of motorcycles, and you will probably see me driving my Yamaha all year round.