Nidzara Dellien

Growing up in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the 80’s, I dreamed of becoming a movie director and creating movie history. Instead, I became a Software Project Manager.

I came to Sweden in 1992, learnt some Swedish and started to study engineering at LTH in the Autumn of 1995. In the Spring of 2000, with ink on my diploma still drying, I got my first job at Ericsson. For the first couple of years I was writing software but quite soon I realised that my strength was not coding, but people. So, I changed direction once more and started on the path of project management; first leading small teams, then moving onto medium projects in the telecom industry, before eventually ending up running a project that consisted of 25+ agile teams in the business intelligence industry.

From time to time I wonder if it was cowardly of me to give up my dream. Luckily I am very good at rationalising, and most of the time I manage to persuade myself that the work I do is not that different from directing movies. True, I am not walking up any red carpets, but I do work with great talents. I help teams understand the context in which they operate, and I coordinate work when necessary. Working closely with people is where I get my energy, and it gives me great joy (as well as the occasional frustration!).