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Niclas Fredriksson, tretton37

When I grew up, Amiga or Commadore64 wasn't the cool new kid on the block, the internet was no longer a fad and you could actually see what was on the telly. I was immediately spoiled with what technology could do, and for me that was irresistible. Working in a constantly changing environment is what makes this industry so much fun - something that seems so right is suddenly ancient and ineffective. The fact that you are never fully done learning is what motivates me the most.

I love delivering value to the customer, but not only through code. I really enjoy taking part in the requirement discussions, as that's where you can get consensus on what needs to be done. Delivering a valuable feature to a customer, and at the same time keeping a clean house for the next developer, is of extreme importance to me.

Most of my free time is spent by watching football or hockey. Besides that, I love to go skiing during the winter and during the summer I cruise around with my electric longboard. As long as it contains speed, I'm up for it and (most likely) getting hurt.

Niclas lives & breathes high quality software & products. Do you?

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