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Nick Sandgren, tretton37

My first interaction with programming was when I was 12 years old, and I started using IRC. It wasn't so much programming as it was stealing bits of other scripts and piecing them together, but I wrote a few lines myself.

In my working career I have almost exclusively worked on web-based applications. I do like to work with both back and front-end, but css and html sometimes drive me crazy and I end up spending more time on it than the C# and JavaScript code together. At the moment I feel that there's a lot happening in the js world and I want to dig deeper into some of the newer libraries and frameworks. Some of the best moments for me are when you have a real challenge with the task in hand and then when you finally crack it, you almost shout out loud! I also like it when you find a piece of code that you think is really well written, and you start to wonder about who wrote it. So, you check the source control to see who created this masterpiece, only to find out that it was actually you, yourself.

I love to travel and dance to good music out in nature, so I usually end up spending most of my vacation travelling to festivals all over the world. I often discover new and interesting things that absorb all of my spare time for a short period, and some of my latest projects have been to build a portable 12v solar system and to briefly explore Kali Linux.

Nick lives & breathes high quality software & products. Do you?

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