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Mattias Mucherie, tretton37

It all started in university when I was studying mechanical engineering. I realized I was more interested in playing around with our MATLAB scripts than actually seeing the result of the calculations. I then started fiddling around in multiple areas of programming and go my first taste of web development back in 2017. I took every course I could to get a better understanding of the programming world and I quickly became the go-to guy in my class when it came to software questions.

When I started working I would spend much of my free time learning more about the frontend environment. Then I decided to take the leap to make my hobby my work by taking on a frontend developer role. And I have loved it ever since.

As an engineer, I am a natural problem solver, and I see challenges instead of obstacles. I am also very curious and I love the continuous learning of the web development ecosystem. I enjoy reading blogs and listening to podcasts to learn more and I really enjoy sharing and teaching others about my findings.

When I don't work or fiddle around with a hobby project, I enjoy being out exercising. I currently play rugby in Sweden's highest league which is a great way to clear your head. During the winter I have also started to climb a lot which I enjoy due to the problem-solving aspect of it. A perfect vacation for me is being out on an adventure in an unknown place.

Mattias lives & breathes high quality software & products. Do you?

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