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Matija Potočnik Pribošič, tretton37

I am a philosopher exploring the vast spaces and domains of abstraction, both abstract and concrete. Obsessed with knowledge, I follow wherever the search may lead me. I am continuing my studies of epistemology, history of science and naturalism, towards the intersection of philosophy, informatics, and math, the braid of category theory, proof theory and model theory.

To slowly reach this destination, I'm learning the more functional-style tools of programming and web development, currently JavaScript and React. Since the days of IRC, I have been a script-kiddie, yet only recently have I made the transition, and became a script-man. Growing up in the early days of the internet, I have fought the mid-90s IRC wars, witnessed the rise and fall of many web technologies the transition from the protocol based open spaces towards platforms and long to see the day when the trends reverse.

I love lambda calculus, Leibniz and Linux.

Matija lives & breathes high quality software & products. Do you?

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