Martin Walter

As iconic as it might be, I only got the Commodore 64 to start sporadically. I think the tape drive might have been to blame, but my 7 year old self never really was sure. The C64 did however play a key role in making me interested in technology and computers.

​A lot has happened since and to not get into too much detail let's just say I have found my way to frontend web development along a non-linear path of Java, C++, C# and bash.

Here's the sales pitch: I am a committed frontend developer who fancies building highly usable web apps, preferably as single-page-applications using HTML(5), JavaScript and CSS(3).

On my spare time I love skiing. Living in the south of Sweden however, I mostly find myself enjoying mountainbiking instead. Preferably on nice dry paths going down hill in close to inappropriate speeds. However, muddy winter biking will also do in lack of summer and ski slopes. If nothing else it ​builds character.​

I am also an avid ​home renovator and DIY ​guy and enjoy projects on a wide spectrum from growing spices to building an occasional​ exterior wall.