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It makes me especially proud to add the 37th nationality to tretton37, the Swiss nationality. I was born and grew up in Switzerland in Solothurn a small not far from Berne the Swiss capital. I went to Berne University and received my Master in Business Administration. But I was always in touch with technology. I was fascinated by the combination of strategy, business and tech. Especially how technology can support companies and their customers. I am always keen on learning new things that is also why I have continued studying and received last year my Master in Digital Business Development.

Successful meetings with customers gives lots of positive energy and satisfaction. I really like to understand the customers’ challenges and brainstorm around potential solutions and the way forward. Discussions and negotiations can be difficult and might not be easily resolved but I am always positive and optimistic that even the most complicated situations can be turned around.

I enjoy spending quality time with my family. With my wife Linda and my three kids, Alva, Tiida and Felix we like to travel and share some common sports like skiing and tennis. We visit my home country regularly also because I have all my family and friends there.. A favourite of mine is the “Swiss Fasnacht” which happens every year during February/March which is a kind of karneval and of course there is skiing in the Swiss alps.

Mark lives & breathes high quality software & products. Do you?

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