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My interest for computers and technology started in the 90’s. I clearly remember our first family computer (yes, back then you had “family computers”). It was a 286 with a turbo button. How awesome is this any why is that button not longer with us?.. Anyhow, like many other kids back then I spent a lot of time gaming. It started with old classics such as the old Swedish made text based adventure game “Stugan” and Commander Keen and later went on to more advanced stuff like Wolfenstein, Duke Nukem, C&C, Warcraft, etc. etc.

My interest for coding began a bit later when I started fiddling with making websites in Microsoft Frontpage, around 97 or 98 I think. I remember enjoying the creative process and getting that rush from being able to take something from an abstract idea or a concept to a working product.

After this period however, I sort of lost track of my coding interest and instead I went for a career (or at least an education) in economics. I studied Industrial Engineering and Management for five years at LiTH in Linköping. I did take a couple of programming courses as my technical orientation was computer science, but I can’t say that I enjoyed it that much. It wasn’t until around 2012 that I started taking interest in programming again, when I decided to learn Ruby on Rails and try my luck as a freelance web developer. It didn’t go too well. So I did something else and shelved the programming for a while.

When me and my girlfriend and my one year old daughter decided to move down to Malmö from Stockholm I decided to once again take up programming. This time for real. as a C# .NET backend developer, and I haven’t looked back since. Nowadays I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I love the creative progress, the thinking, the pains of constant failure and the pleasures of when the pieces all fit together. I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I love learning. But I’m also very result oriented and realize the importance of delivering value.

On a more personal level I live in a house with my fiancee and my two daughters. On my “spare time” (jeeesh!) I enjoy doing stuff around the house. I try to run a couple of times a week and I like relaxing on the couch watching series when the fog of war has finally settled and the house is quiet. I also enjoy working on my own programming projects and reading up on new (and old) technologies, and generally trying to become a better craftsman.

Marcus lives & breathes high quality software & products. Do you?

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