Marcus Lindstedt

I'm a curious guy with a strong interest in learning and teaching.

I began coding in the tenth grade as a way to pass the time. I started out by building some simple scripts for my D2 bot to make life easier. However, my childhood dream was to become a great defence lawyer, so I went on to study law at Uppsala University. After a while I realised that I just wasn’t enjoying it, so I spent a few years focusing entirely on martial arts before applying for - and being accepted into - Game Development Studies at Malmö University.

I am always striving to improve myself, and my main motivator in life is the sense of pride I get when achieving – and surpassing – the expectations of others.

​Apart from coding, I enjoy practicing martial arts - particularly Brazilian jiu-jitsu. I also like to play video games and cooking. And, just for the record, Final Fantasy VIII is the best iteration of the series.​